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48. Add IE 7.0 Icon To Desktop

While an Internet Explorer Icon is situated in the quick launch bar and, if enabled, on the start menu many users much prefer to have an Internet Explorer icon on the desktop where it can be easily accessed.

To prevent desktop clutter Microsoft have been in the habit of only placing the recycle bin icon on the desktop by default. All other icons have not been displayed as desktop icons, but, instead have been simply left to the the start menu.

To place an Internet explorer icon on your desktop, proceed as follows:

1/ Right Click on a vacant part of the desktop.

2/ From the Drop Down menu that appears, Click on New and then on Shortcut.

3/ The Create Shortcut Window will now open.

4/ In the type the location of the item dialogue box type: C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe and then Click the Next button.

5/ In the What would you like to name the shortcut Window, Type a suitable name in the Type a name for this shortcut dialogue box; i.e., Internet, IE 7.0, Explorer, etc, and then Click the Finish button.

6/ An Internet Explorer shortcut should now appear on your desktop.