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95. Add Internet Explorer 7.0 Address Bar To The Vista Task Bar

With Windows Vista it is possible to launch a web page from most Vista Windows - Control Panel, Windows Explorer, etc - without even having to have Internet Explorer running. All you need to do is type a web address into the address bar and away you go.

If you are not in the habit of keeping Internet Explorer open and alternative way of having access to web pages is to have the address bar situated on the Task bar.

You can do this easily, as follows:

1/ Right Click on a vacant area of the Vista Task Bar.

2/ From the Drop Down Menu that appears, Click the Toolbar option.

3/ Clicking the Toolbar option will produce another menu. From this Menu, Click the Address option.

4/ The Internet Explorer Address bar will now appear on your Task bar to the left of the Notification area, i.e., near the Clock etc.

5/ To open a web site, Type the web address into the Internet Explorer address bar and press either the blue → (Arrow) or press Enter. Assuming you are connected to the Internet, Internet Explorer will open the relevant web page.