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82. Accidentally Deleted Recycle Bin Icon

One has to admit that we have all deleted the recycle bin in Windows Vista at one time or another. usually we have been in such a hurry to empty the recycle bin that, instead of Right clicking and selecting the 'empty recycle bin' option, we have, inadvertently, selected the Delete option instead.

After the deed has been done there is a few seconds of shock horror followed, usually, by a few unprintable expletives and then panic instills as we wonder how on Earth we are going to replace the deleted recycle bin icon.

Panic won't solve the problem, but these simple steps will.

1/ Right click on your desktop and, from the drop down menu, Click on the Personalize option.

2/ When the Personalize window opens, Look in the left hand task pane and Click on the Change Desktop Icons link.

3/ The desktop Icon Setting window will now open.

4/ Under the section marked Desktop Icons you will see a list of Icons that can be placed on the desktop.

5/ One of those Icons listed in this section will be Recycle Bin.

6/ Place a Check Mark in the box to the Left of the Recycle Bin option and then Press OK.

7/ The recycle Bin should now be sitting once more on your desktop.